-Passing in 3 months?


This time i havnt even started studies.

Today somehow managed to do 1 reading

Please advise how to pass in 3 months


Hmm…I haven’t passed Level 3 so maybe somebody who has will chime in here. But my advice would be to practice the questions as you go through the readings to increase retention. If you have a Schweser notes you will be able to get through the material quicker. Don’t save all the practice questions for the end. And still save some time in May to do full practice exams.

Was wondering the same as the original poster. I’m contemplating putting it off for next year if 90 days is not even close to enough days needed to pass.

Study hard. Study often.

And take off as much time as possible from work to study haha

I passed Level 3 last year after studying for 10 weeks. In those 10 weeks, I might have spent around 200-250 hrs. 8.5 weeks for start-to-end studying of the material and 10 days for practice and review. Used only Schweser for studying and did practice from Schweser as well as CFAI end of the chapter questions.

I studied atleast 3 hrs each day on weekdays and 5 hours atleast on weekends. Took off for the last 2 days before the exam and studied at full throtle during those days as well as during memorial day long weekend.

My work hours were luckily 8AM-5PM during this period.

You can do it but with discipline. You don’t have slack … so don’t loose a single day of prep.

You only need 300 hours to pass the exam. There are over 2,100 hours in 3 months. You could study for this test 7 times.

Best of luck.

All depends how hard you want to study… There’s what, 13 weeks until exam day?

3 hours/day weekdays = 3x5x13 = 195 hours

9 hours/weekend = 9x13 = 117 hours

Throw in a couple stat holidays and vacation days and you’ve got plenty of time, if you commit to it. Personally I’d do it and buckle down, I just want this to be behind me.

she’s back!

i miss your posts, using AF as a personal diary etc…

get schwesser. watch videos ~50 hrs. then do practice questions. Never passed L3, but never took it either. but watching videos save time and make it easy to get started with pq. Its like someone is summarizing and reading for you. amazing stuff.

I´d use the vids as supplement and prefer reading and taking down own notes, to prepare for the AM session…

Woody´s schedule should work!

vicky is a guy.

Please advise how to become a CEO of a public company in 3 months, become a billionaire in 3 months, become angelina jolie in 3 months, and have 5 kids in 3 months…

Seriously worried.

Just do what you would normally do but faster harder better (sound like daft punk), nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing!


Extremely difficult but possible. If I were you this is how I would start

  1. Scan topics and order them on priority (in exam) and my comfort level

  2. Next I would start with an area which ticks of both of the above parameters

  3. Start making short notes of the area I have started ( i did with Behavioural finace)

  4. Once I m comfortable with reading - Go staright to questions and test myself - Complete this cycle till I master this area ( At least to my satisfaction)

  5. Keep strict timeline of a week per area for all of the above four steps

Hope this helps - If you any specific question PM me

Cheers and Good luck

itera bro in no mood to fight. No time unlike last time. U r correct , i am wrong okay

Guys thanks for support. Will do best with whatever time left