Passing Level 2

If one starts studying for the June exam by the end of January, and continues to study diligently, would you say it’s highly likely they would pass? Or is level 2 hard enough that you need more time (or more smarts?). I would like to do Level 2 this year, and if I don’t have time I’d rather write in 2009. That way I could direct my precious hours towards something else. What do you think? Is diligence enough to pass L2?

it is definitely doable and many on this forum have done it (including myself)… You just have to put in the time… Figure you have only 4 months left, so you will have to step it up and dedicate the time needed. If you have the time, do it. Good luck

It’s very very doable. As I said on another post, a lot of us did in Dec 06/Jun 07 back to back. Study hard

Very doable… you benefit from having Level 1 basic knowledge fresh in your mind. A solid 4 months is sufficient, but make sure you are very focused and consistent in your revision schedule. Make a timetable so you keep track of revision progress. To avoid burnout, make sure you find time to relax… study hard, play harder!!!

wilier Wrote: > > To avoid burnout, make sure you find time to > relax… study hard, play harder!!! So true, I did the Dec-June route and was still able to go out and drink whiskey once or twice a week. I’m hoping I can continue this hobby as I prepare for L3.

i did Dec-Jun-Jun… and I have to say that altho preparing for level 2 was ok, i felt really burned out before taking Level 3… thankfully i passed all in one go, so the nightmare is over :slight_smile:

You have plenty of time if you’re diligent.

Do it. I’m scholastically a moron and I managed to pull off the Dec - Jun route.

i can’t remember anything over a couple of months. because of this I did 80% of my studying in april and may. of course 90% of my free time was spent studying but it can be done.

Passing L2 is a function of intelligence, preparation, and luck. The smarter you are, the less you have to study to get the same % chance of passing. Almost nobody goes into exam day with a 100% chance to pass. That said, my estimation is that you have PLENTY of time to get yourself to an 80%+ probability to pass if you are smarter than the bottom 25% or so of the people who are taking the L2 exam. However, that doesn’t guarantee a pass, nor does it mean that you’re in the bottom 25% of testtakers if you fail. If you have average capabilities for an L2 testtaker, and you study alot between Feb 1st and test day, you will have a better chance to pass the exam than most of the people in the room with you.