Passing % likely to be 59% this time in L3

^^ what might sound “not exactly very nice” to you might sound exactly very funny and nice to others especially if its sarcasm… Just saying :slight_smile: !

To which idea, exactly, do you refer?

I’ve done pretty well so far; no need to worry.

Haha, this board is filled with such characters. Only a few Charterholders that post here are actually helpful (e.g. S2000Magician).

^^ only characters missing around here = powerpuff girls!

that I was “expecting exclusively very nice”

why did you make up things I didnt say or mean to attack me? a perfect stranger ?

and I was expressing my opinion very gently or being sacarstic myself

but what is it with S2000Magicien and all his/her agressiveness from nowhere?

let me be more clear about my question

did I say I was EXPECTING anything?

did I say anything about EXCLUSIVELY?

did I say VERY NICE was something I expect in general?

Can you explain it to me how did you come to the assumption that

I was expecting exclusively very nice from this forum??

Yes I am annoyed. what I EXPECTED was internauts could actually be civilized as they normally are in real world.


You complained that a comment wasn’t very nice. It’s unlikely that you would make such a complaint if the remark were just what you were expecting, so it’s a reasonable inference that you weren’t expecting it; thus, you were expecting comments that were other than not very nice: you were expecting only very nice comments.

I didn’t make anything up, nor did I suggest that you said it; I made a logical inference from your comment. It’s known as inductive reasoning (reasoning from specific to general), a skill that’s useful as an analyst which, arguably, the lion’s share of posters here aspire to become.

To attack you? How on earth do you construe my comment that people here (not you) make not very nice comments to be an attack on you? If you reread what I wrote, you’ll note that it concerns others, not you.

I wasn’t aware that you were perfect. My mistake.


Holy moly!

You didn’t ask a question; you made a declarative statement.

No. (Did I say that you said that?)

No. (Did I say that you said that?)

No. (Did I say that you said that?)

It’s not an assumption; it’s an inference. See my explanation, two posts above.

That’s clear.

What I expected was that you would be able to understand that I was commenting about the other posters here. My mistake.

As you say: there.


weirdly you made me laugh so hard, or your “logical inference” cracked me up

this can go on for two thousand more rounds but no I don’t have the time for it

whatever inference you wanna make go ahead and knock yourself out

im not annoyed anymore I’m rather amused.

bonne nuit!

Bonne nuit, aussi, mon amie.

All this tension and angst stirring in the forums as the countdown draws nearer!

Would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on the forums for being insanely helpful, esp S2000magician

Personally, I’m just trying not to think/worry too much about the impending email.

Paraphrasing Bruce Lee: Be like water.

My pleasure.

“Good night” so soon ! … could have gone on at least till 12th for the sake of those Level3ers who are passing thro’ one of the most restless phases of their life.

It was about 1:00 AM in France.

Wow, so I started a flame war, super.

To those offended by my post I apologise, as I did not mean to be offensive and to set the record straight I am aslo waiting my L3 results.

Most of us are nervous, it’s normal, CFA is harder than other certifications, however I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people posting that L1 & L2 results predict our results or that an email sent out be CFAI might let you know you passed before you did, this is exactly the kind of thing we’ve sent about 3 years trying to learn is wrong.

Be stressed, be worried, but try to stay the kind of sensible rational person who can be trusted with the financial future of someone else.


A. T**t

P.S. Maybe my nerves led me over the line of acceptable teasing, next time let me know before you insult women’s genitals by comparing them to me.

i think my IQ dropped reading Camille’s posts. RIP brain cells.

What leads you to believe the MPS is norm-based? Everything I’ve read states that it is criteria based. Specifically, the Modified Angoff method is used, which can be influenced by performance, but certainly wouldn’t qualify as norm-based.

Does it really matter?

The chance of you passing as an individual p(WooHoo) is not affected by the overall chance of the group passing p(GroupWoop).

This is because the pass rate is criteria based as pointed out by Ghibli