Passing % likely to be 59% this time in L3

FA result showing historical average this time L1-42 % ( 40 yr avg) L2-46% (40 yr avg) L3- MAYBE 59% (40 yr avg)

As much as I’d like to think that the 40yr average is representative… I think you are failing to consider regime change in your time serires… thus it should be probably around 48-52%… but I still hope you are right

you should wish for low passing score.

Higher passing ratio means higher rate of candidates who scored above 70%. This can be due to an easier exam or better candidates. Higher passing rate necessitate marginal or no intervention to adjust the MPS. Lower passing rate, would induce lowering the MPS. eg, if only 40% of the candidates scored above 65% in the exam, the MPS would most likely be decreased to a level where 50% of candidates would pass. However, if 60% of the candicates scored above 70%, the MPS would stay at 70%.

The percentages are really the percentage of people who passed the exams. i.e. 46% = 46% people passed. Therefore, I think we should pray for higher rate.

I hope you’re right but I believe it will be closer to 50% or so. Would love to see an outlier like the 76% pass rate in 2006 (I believe that’s when it was), but I’m not getting my hopes up.

You are right, mate. My guess is that it will be around 50%.

Don’t people have better things to do than worry about a random number they can’t predict and its impact on a test they’ve already taken?

Oops. Guess not.

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Simplification is due: If you felt the exam was easy and u scored above 70%, then the pass ratio would make no difference to you. If you felt it was damn difficult and you mere got 60% of the questions right, you betta pray that the pass ratio (at 70% score) is extremely low to the extent that CFAI reduces the MPS to a level low enough to include your (or maybe my) pathetic score.

I think everyone else is talking about the absolute pass rate…

I feel the morning part was actually easy and I am confident to score above 70%

but the afternoon session surprised me as the questions seemed to be straight forward but covered points I was not at all familiar with. Apparently many of you felt it was easy as some of the exam takers finished ahead of time and left the exam room!!! I was struggling finishing all the questions! imagine that stress mounting inside me i almost gave up

Does anyone feel the same or it is just me???

I felt AM was easier than PM … Im sure i messed up 4-5 small subparts but that was it… PM was tricky and I hesitated a lot / changed a lot of answers and ended up having them wrong.

You guys are amazing and have brilliant memory!

I completely forgot what I felt about each session :frowning: Good or bad, I dont know. But just cant get a clue, anyway will know it in 7 days.

So a bunch of Level 3 candidates who don’t know that correlation does not equal causation.

Stop worrying about what the pass rate was and start worrying about which prep provider you’re going to use next year.

oh my god!! reading your words is so assuring, thank you! i felt the same!!

…which prep provider you’re going to use next year.

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Is 59% good? No, unless I am part of it!

Is 2% good? No, unless I am part of it!

Is 99% good? No, unless I am part of it!

100%? Definately YES, coz Im part of it!

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