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I’m sure this has been asked many times in the past but do any of you have any indication of what a passing score is? Right now, I am getting 70-75 on Schweser QBank practice tests. Is my score likely to go up from Schweser tests being harder or down because of test anxiety etc.? I have been told that a 70 has never failed on the actual test but does anyone know if 60 or 65 has been a passing score in the past?

I’m getting 70s and do not feel confident at all. 80s will be a nice cushion to sit on.

I have been doing shweser practice tests and I just did a book 6 test and my score dropped signigicantly. I was getting 75- 80 on Qbank and just got a 65% on a book 6 test.

Q-bank is much easier than the actual exam. I was scoring 90+ on Q-bank last December. I did pass… but the real thing was definitely harder. The book 6 test is closer to the difficulty of the actual test, the CFAI practice tests are even better.

Do the practice CFA tests, they really help set you up as to how the test questions will be worded vs. Schweser. There is much less math too.

70 is definitely passing…other than that no guarantees…based on the grading methods that they use (such a MSP, Angloff method, and 70% of the top 1%)…rumor has it that the passing score is normally in the 65% ranges.

jasonindc, Are you referring to 70% in qbank or CFA mock exam? Thanks S

Neither - but based on previous exam scores posted and a variety of inferences it seems very likely that the passing score on the actual exam is somewhere around 65%. If you can get some comfortable margin above that on CFA mock exams, the chances of your passing the actual exam are really high. CFA Mock exam score; JDV’s prob of you passing > 85%; 100% > 80%; 98% > 75%; 85% > 70%; 70% > 65%; 50% > 60%; 35% > 55%; 20% > 50%; 10% < 50%; sleep in on 6/7

agree with JoeyD…that was what I was talking about. I did not take the CFAI exam but got 85% on the last qbank exam and felt 99% that I had passed walking out.

Below is a link to Book 6 scores for level I candidates in June of 2007. You can compare you scores to those in the thread to see where you stand. Book 6 scores:,520091,page=1 You can then cross reference some names with the actual thing if you like. Actual CFAI exam results:,582156,page=1 Hope this helps.

I just did my first book 6 exam this weekend… 97/120 = 80.83% I’m getting about 80-90% on Qbank. I’m still not very confident in my scores. I was getting maybe 75-80 on Qbank and 70’s on Book 6 for the December 07 exam and I failed. I think I was a borderline candidate (comparing my scores to other borderliners on this forum). But still, my confidence is just mediocre right now.

I was getting maybe 75-80 on Qbank and 70’s on Book 6 for the December 07 exam and I failed. I think I was a borderline candidate (…) wow topher u killed my day already !! how come u scored so well and failed ? :S were u focusing on calculations only ? what happened

topher that really scares me mate! If you analyse yourself , why do you think you failed? S

A big mistake was reading the CFAI text… Yes, you can learn a lot from reading the CFAI text. And if you have the time, then go for it. But last time I had maybe 4.5 months and read 3 of the CFAI books before ditching them for Schweser. By the time I finished up all the reading, I only had maybe 4 weeks left to review and practice. The point of reading is to pass the test in my opinion. It’s not to become a great analyst just by really understanding the concepts. Passing the test is the number one goal. So doing hundreds (even thousands) of practice questions is key. Last time, I only did maybe 500 total Qbank and all of book 6 (720 questions). That’s just not enough. You also have to consider the fact that finance and accounting was completely brand new to me. I was a liberal arts major in college. So starting to study for the CFA exam was the first time I even saw financial statements. This was a huge factor as well. Just having even the basics down helps tremendously. Another factor - sickness. I became very ill about 2 weeks before the exam, to the point where I couldn’t pick up the books and read them. That lasted for about a week, before I was slowly able to read and practice again. My experience though was the exception rather than the rule. Most people on this forum do end up passing the exam. Don’t worry. Just work hard until game day. I think most people will be fine. Also, a lot of people get scores like in the 65-70 range for Book 6 and pass the exam. The real test is different from Schweser, but the difficulty is similar. So one thing I will do different this time is take a couple of CFAI practice tests just to familiarize myself with the types of questions and wording that will come exam time. haha I didn’t mean to scare anyone. I think no matter how well you’re doing, you’re still going to feel a little uneasiness. So maybe I’m also just being paranoid. We can do it.

I feel u ! I’m still practicing questions but no mock exam yet … Don’t really feel confident as I have the feeling that I need to review material again (stuffs like fiscal policy, bootstapping, pure play method, hypothesis testing …)

sorry, but would you please explain to me what “book 6” is? is this from schweser? or one of the exams on cfa website? thanks a lot

Yeah…what is this book 6 everyone talks of…for schweser I see a Practice Exams, Volume 1 and 2 with three practice exams in each book…anyone care to elaborate? Thanks.

Book 6= Schweser Volume 1 Exam Book 7= Schweser Volume 2 Exam


Hey hoos, I’m assuming from your nickname that you went to UVA, correct? If so, what year did you graduate?