Passing the exam.

Anyone did badly in one session…let’s say ard 55% and did better in the other session…let say ard 65%…and passed overall?

mystically - that’ll be a miracle as we heard from the forum that minimum passing marks are above 70%. But it will be interesting to know if someone passed with that sort of marks.

i’m just being conservative with the percentage…might be better or worse…really depends on how i really answered…sigh…didnt feel too good for the morning paper but the afternoon was alright. i heard the the passing mark is usually ard 63% - 70%?

hari Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > mystically - that’ll be a miracle as we heard > from the forum that minimum passing marks are > above 70%. But it will be interesting to know if > someone passed with that sort of marks. Sorry, where did you hear this? I was under the impression that no candidate who scored >70% in each section has ever failed. That tends to suggest the minumum passing mark has never exceeded 70%.

idk but i think i got at least 45 questions wrong for sure, and who knows how many more i got wrong that i don’t know of… goddamn, after morning session i felt like shiat, cuz i didn’t manage my time properly and had to fly through the last section in like 30 minutes afternoon one, if after couple of minutes of thinking i didn’t have a clue about a question i would just put whatever my gut would tell me lookes like a right answer and move on… i think i failed, so probably i’ll start reviewing the level one material after the new years again… just one thing that stink is that those bastards are making the exam twice as expensive, and after buying the cirriculum for level one, i don’t want to use cirriculum for level 1 or 2 or whichever level. I ended up using electronic copy of schweiser to study anyway after churning through ethics and quant of cirriculum, althogh i must admit, the cirriculum prepared me a lot better, it just takes way too much time…

I know the feeling, hotdawg… on all counts…

this is the way it works imho - if you score above 70% then you are a shoo-in pass if you score below a 70%, then you are graded on a bell-curve. if you are on the borderline they will see if you passed ethics or not as the decision point. my personal performance - i think i be competing on the curve. good luck!

this is what a borderline score looks like: Level 1: Fail - Alternative Assets 12 * - - - Derivatives 12 - * - - Economics 24 - * - - Equity Analysis 24 - * - - Ethical & Professional Stnds. 36 - * - - Financial Statement Analysis 68 - * - - Fixed Income Analysis 24 - * - - General Portfolio Management 12 - * - - Quantitative Analysis 28 - - * I think that there were at least a couple of scores just like this but with +70 in ethics and/or FSA that passed, but believe me that this is a tough score to look at when you know it means 5 more months of memorizing Markowitz theory assumptions. For those of you who are getting started, this also illustrates the folly of trying to be a jack of all trades and master of quant. Not a good strategy. I have my fingers crossed for you, man!

URRRR :slight_smile: Unlimited Risk-Free Borring and Lending Risk Aversion Risk/Reward Risk Variability Return Distribution sorry…wrong thread lol

I think I bombed the morning paper completely…I am guessing that I scored about 50% for that? And for the afternoon, I’d say between 65%-70%. Not sure if I’d pass though. X-ing my fingers. This is givign me a nervous breakdown man…The waiting

Ethics should save those who got around 65%+…

Actually, I thought the grading is done by comparing your score against the top scoring scripts, and assuming that the top scoring scripts score 90%, u need abt 63% to pass (70% of that 90%)? hmm. i really am not sure abt this but i sure am worried man.

this is a global exam. the probability of I getting full score is 0, of you getting full score is 0, but the probability of a few guys/girls getting full score among hundreds of thousands of candidates is not 0. by the way, who can frame what I said above into a CFA problem to test Type I error or Type II error?

Ho: score = 240 Ha: score =/= 240

i remember reading somewhere that no one has ever gotten full marks. From what i’ve heard, they take the top 10% x 70% to give the passing mark. So i heard usually from 63% - 70%. If only the passing mark is ard 60%…

that sounds interesting. over the history of CFA exam, so many talents and nerds and Chinese and Indians have taken the exam, and no one has ever got a full score…

i wonder if there is a prize for getting 100%… or if someone happened to get 100%, if you’d even know about it? (since they dont release results)

Yeppers, no one has ever had a perfect score from what I understand.

I don’t think I would want to get a perfect score. Probably would be a red flag to CFAI that you cheated somehow… Not worth the trouble.