Passing the L1 exam.

I just took my L1 paper…i kinda messed up the morning paper…i think i’m ard 55% maybe…but the afternoon paper was better, maybe ard 65%…being conservative with the percentages. Anyone scored ard these range in L1 and still managed to make it to L2? Thanks! What were your lowest and you still made it through it?

Regardless of how you did, you should just try to relax for the next month. Whether you passed or not, there’s nothing you can do about it now. If you plan to take another exam in June, this time will be previous. But to answer your question, I believe 70% overall has been a general/historic target for Lvl 1.

Do they give you a breakdown on how you did for the morning session and afternoon?

No breakdown by session (is by topic, but even then only ranges, not discrete numbers), and you failed. Good luck in June.

Any idea what is the passing mark range usually?

Nope. Check the CFA site, there is some paper on the grading which basically says: we don’t disclose anything but here is the general idea. And then still, you will have to wait for the result so sit back, grab a few beers and check the website when you get their mail. Nothing else you can do so enjoy the non-studying time. I’m opening my Eco book this afternoon… aarrggh! My least favourite.

63-68%, as a general rule.

mcpass, econ isn’t that bad, unless you hate fx. i’m near the end of econ and i’d say it’s a good 75% on fx. umm. this is not related to this topic, is it? mystic, you probably don’t know how you performed. i was about pretty sure i either failed or was borderline. but i passed. hope it works out the same way for you. but yeah, the next two months are going to suck for you, i can tell.

cfasf1, thanks…it does feel better…but what was your score afterall?

above 70 on all but econ. i was in the middle column on that one.

wow…how come u felt unsure of passing when ur scores were pretty good?

don’t know. that’s exactly the point. maybe it was exam day stress. people react differently. there are people i know who thought they killed it and they did exactly that. others, like me, were sure they failed or were borderline and ended up fine… so. there is no way for you to really know until the day it comes out… but don’t go crazy thinking you failed because you might be ok… go play golf or something, weather permitting that is.

MCalamari Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- >If you plan to take another exam in June, this time > will be previous. I meant to say “this time will be precious”.

mystically, I took my level 1 in June and found that my feelings straight after the test gave the most accurate indication of my performance; I felt that I aced it upon leaving the exam hall! I ended up getting 70% plus on all the sections besides Portfolio Management… [Typical passing score is 69% according to Schweser (75 questions wrong out of 240)…] That said, throughout the 6 weeks or so in the lead up to the results being published my feelings ranged from; fail - scraping a pass - definite pass…post exam anxiety was a real problem for me! My advice to you is to take time out, enjoy your hobbies, generally unwind and try not to think about what happened on 1st June…easier said than done, I know :)) You’ve sat the test and, if you’ve put sufficient time/effort into studying the curriculum, you’ve nothing to worry about.

i just really regret cos i messed up the morning paper cos of poor time management…rushed through the last part of fsa and asset valuation within an hr or less…my afternoon paper was alright and i felt good after it because i decided to change my strategy after what happened in the morning. So overall, i just feel borderline…I just really need my afternoon paper to help me.