Passive vs Active Books

I’m well aware of the general argument for passive investing vs active management. Im interested in reading a more in depth discussion about studies and investor trends. Can anyone recommend a book that really covers this topic? Anything including Robo-investing is a plus.

I’d skip books altogether. The data changes too fast for a book that was published even a year ago to still be relevant.

Instead, go to various asset managers and browse their white papers. I can guarantee most have a paper on active vs passive. Be sure to go to both active and passive shops to get both sides of the story.

As for robo-advising, that’s the #1 topic with FAs these days (actually the DOL is, but robo is a very close second). So, again, you can pretty much just google the term and find white papers on the subject.

Check out the Insurance and Investment Journal for articles on Robo-Advisors.