PassMaster - good for L3

I used Qbank last year for L3… How did PassMaster stack up to those who used it?

Found this (maybe bus_people and big willy can comment how it worked out): False sense of security Posted by: busy_people (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user] Date: February 11, 2008 10:31PM I am getting disappointed with the Stalla Passmaster for L3. The coverage is, at best, 50 – 60 % for the sections I have gone thru so far… Passmaster contains 760 questions – compared to 365 chapter-end questions in the CFAI textbooks (each question in CFAI has many subsections). The questions are poor quality. Looks like, the authors picked topics they are familiar with, not what is needed for the exam. For example, Of the 760 questions, they have 172 questions in ethics, approx. 20+% - big waste, considering that the topic is repeated from L1 and L2. The alternative investment section is filled with questions on real estate, very few on topics such as managed futures. Derivative is a joke. CFAI textbook chapter end questions focus on new stuff like the bull/bear spreads, etc. Passmaster has mostly copy pasted the L1 stuff like protective puts. Overall, if you are only following Stalla, beware, it is going to give you a false sense of security. Re: False sense of security Posted by: bigwilly (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user] Date: February 14, 2008 08:22AM Stalla has 760 questions in passmaster for L3, excluding Ethics that would be ~620 questions and almost 40 questions per SS. Now I have also noticed that a few of the questions from each SS are from CFAI problems. So Stalla maybe came up with 35 questions per SS on their own, come on they can do better than that! Well I’m happy I’m doing both STalla and CFAI problems.

^^ This is a bummer - I really liked passmaster for Levels 1 and 2, but it looks like I’ll go with the CFAI end of chapter questions and Q-bank instead.