Passmaster & Qbank 07

I have the previous edition of both the passmaster and qbank from the dec exam but was wondering if those are sufficient for practice or get a new version of at least one cos i noticed quite abit of FSA has changed. Will i be at a disadvantage if i continue to use the older version only?

I believe both of them have an expiry date, and you cannot reuse both products for this year’s exam. I do not know if Stalla / Schweser respectively allow you to extend the license on the products. CP

hmm, i have them in hardcopy…painfully printed the questions out with the answers…hehe

Mystically, (or anyone else who knows)…about how many questions are on the Schweser Level 1 question bank? I just want to estimate the tradeoff between the following aspects: money paid, number of questions, potential effort expended, and potential amount of increase in probability that I pass L1 on the first shot. Thanks!

Bostonkev, there are slightly more than 4000 qns in Qbank and i think over 2000qns in Passmaster. I think after dec 07, i feel that quantity is not the main issue but how effective are the qns to prepare you for the exam. The actual exam is more concept based than calculations. I didn’t get a chance to practice much qns from both due to lack of time so i just have the qns on hand. But from past threads, most people swear by Qbank cos it has a mixture of both and similar to the actual exam. It tests you right down to the basics. So Qbank is a good check while you’re going through the material and right before the actual paper, you can do 5 sample qns from CFAI. That’s pretty much seemed the strategy for most.

Great, thanks for the quick reply, mystically. I’ll probably use the CFAI tests to gauge my preparation and then depending how I feel, decide if I’ll get QBank.

bostonkev, the CFAI sample tests are only available 1-2mths before the actual paper…so maybe you want to consider one of the 2 alternatives first.

Actually, PassMaster this year is at 2904 questions.

hey guys, I have got qbank cd.never heard of passmaster. anyone throw light on this.How can i get this.If anybody having this…

PassMaster is a product of Stalla of Becker Review, similar to QBank of Schweser, basically drill software.