Passmaster/Qbank software

I am looking for some suggestions regarding practice question packages for level 3. In the past I used passmaster to drill concepts into my mind however, i have found that from year to year Stalla doesn’t update their practice questions too often. So are there any other practice question software packages similar to passmaster that i can purchase on a standalone basis? If so what have been your experiences been with them? Thank you your input is appreciated.

I used FinQuiz for L2 and thought it was useful. I know what you mean about the Stalla questions, some of the vignettes are exactly the same from L2.

I’ve used Q-Bank for Levels 1 and 2 and rate it highly. The questions do vary and cover all important content. I’ve spoken to two colleagues who used QBank for level 3 and they’ve said it comprehensively tests both morning and afternoon exam requirements.

Can I purchase qbank on its own or do I have to purchase it within a package?

I think you can but 100% sure, check the Schweser site for more info.