Passmaster q's or Qbank speed

Hey, Any idea on strategy on speeding up taking the passmaster questions/Qbank and reading the explanations? I seem to be taking forever to complete a sesssion…what is the number of questions and going over the explanations is average for a 2 hour sitdown? tks

Anyone??? Is anybody taking Q-bank or passmaster as they go along?

id have though you should be aiming for about 1.25 minutes per question for qbank (given those questions are slightly easier than the actual exam). thats what im trying to do for qbank tests that i take

But are you going over the explanations and writing down what you did not get get right and what you got right but guessed or by fluke. Also are u doing all questions at one time and then going over the explanations later… It is killing me. I seem to be taking way too long with writing and all. Is there a shortcut?

I am aiming 1:30 min max per question. Depending on the time/subject, I decide to do 20-30-60 questions and only when I am done I go over the ones I got wrong or wasn’t sure fo and guessed. Doing the questions should not take long… reviewing the ones you got wrong can take a while, depending how many, dificulty level, if I decide to reread a SS afterwards… etc. Hope this helps.

I used to take full 120 Q tests (advanced mostly, covering all topics), most of the times finished a session with at least 1 hour to go, averaging low to mid 80. It was almost not enough, I barely passed. It is crucial to solve questions in less than 1:15 min, remember that in the real exam, you’ll have to switch between the answer sheet and the text of the Q to mark your answers. Ideally, you should take time now to understand why you selected the wrong answer (closer to the exam you will not have the nerves to do it, unless you’re in a simultaneous review of the material). And don’t drop the Q back into the bank, future exams will feed you the same Q.