I’m using Passmaster and have completed about 95% of the questions. I just took the CFA sample and was surprised how low my score was. Who else is using Passmaster and how prepared do you feel you are?

I’m currently using Passmaster and am pretty surprised I retained about half of what I read 3 months ago. I think some of the questions are unrepresentative of the questions that may appear on the exam, since they take over 5 minutes to calculate. But then again, I may be wrong since I haven’t sat for an exam or taken the mock.

I’m doing Passmaster too. I think the wording is so much more confusing than the CFAI questions-I’m referring to the problems in the CFAI books after each chapter. Haven’t done the mock yet either.

By “confusing” I mean a lot of times I spent more time on struggling to figure out what the question is asking than on recalling the knowledge that I have retained. I don’t know if anybody else has the same feeling…Maybe it’s just me…

Is pass master all problems? Or is the idea it gets you to know wordy problems tricks