Passport Expiration Date - OH MY GOD! OH!

Put my ticket in a page protector with my passport and looked at my passport one last time and… HOLY SWEET BABY JESUS! My expiration date on the ticket is one day off from the actual. I’M FLIPPING OUT!

I sent an e-mail to CFAI @ 10:34AM with the form and a copy of my passport. Will they be able to change it in time!?

Any experiences?!

Maybe you can get a rush put on order for a new passsport? I would look into that.

No the passport is valid, its the expiration date that CFAI has on their records that is wrong.

Send them an email with the identification change sheet. Maybe they can still change it. I understand your situation however, I found out 3 weeks ago that my passport n° was one digit off and they could change it in one business day.

Agree, just get an identification change, they will ammend it.

Did you email a copy of the passport yet?

Sent the completed form with a copy of my passport. Is it too late?

CFAI can be busy coming up on exam day, but I think you will be okay here. This seems like a priority affair, and I bet you are not the only one doing this 2 weeks out.

you will be fine. CFAI is relaly good at fixing mistakes on their end

I made the same mistake and it was updated next day. They are really good with that stuff.