Passport Expiration Date

The Passport Expiration date is incorrect on my ticket. There was no expiration when I doublechecked my account info. And there is no easy way of changing it…have to submit a form thru email. Seriously W-T-F!!

am I screwed??

I would call CFAI right away

I think you’re screwed. That happened to me, it took ~12 hours to fix. Call them now.

I already did twice. They said they’re working thru the night. Why can’t I update this like I do for my phone number or email? This expiration date only showed up on the ticket not the page where I verified my info…this is serious bull****.

That really sucks and I hope they can fix it for you in time. But they did specifically remind you several times to check the ticket.

They have an army of people fixing these problems, you will probably be ok

You were right, ticket updated! New respect for the CFAI…now all thats left is passing the test.