Passport Lost

So I have lost my passport, and issuance of a new one takes more than a month, is there no solution for my case?

contact CFA immediately!

No, you are done.

No, you are done.

I like your quote iteracom, lived both aspects of it so many times in my life.

I dont think CFAI will let you sit for the exam, but they may let you defer it so you wont have to pay again next year.

This suxs.

Call CFAI, you never know. atleast you’ll have satisfaction of trying.

call up your passport office too; explain them the situation; if you’re too keen, then go to the office and try working out some solution. Try getting some letter etc (that can be issued in lieu of the passport), or any emergency option (which most of the countries’ passport offices have) or something that CFAI can accept.

I’m assuming you would already have photocopies of the old passport, try combining it with the new document (if you get from the passport office) and present it to the CFAI to prove that you’re the same person.

You’ve over a week, see if something can be worked out.

Low probability, but hey no harm in trying.

Can you pay extra to have the passport rushed?

Which country are you from? All countries have an ‘emergency issue’ options with some higher fees in such emergency cases. For example Canada has a 'urgent pick up" for issue within 24 hours pick-up service at an extra fees of C$70; India has an emergency "Tatkal Service (immideate service) ’ for issue of passport in 24 hours with a higher fees too. Do enquire at your countries passport office. Once you get it some proof of your old passport and the new passport can help you to get the permission from the CFAI. Hopefully. It is worth atry rather than losing a year. Best of luck.

If you are in the US and can get to any of these places you can get one same day.

It’s hard to say if they will qualify taking an exam as an emergency

CFA is super strict about passport. I was taking my level 1 last December and someone got kicked out of the afternoon exam because their birthday/issuance date was different from the one they had in the record… Honestly if they reall wanted to kick someone out they could of done it before the morning exam, so the guy didn’t have to waste his whole morning.

CFAI has sent sooo many notices about the ID policy change that I could never imagine they would give you any leniency now. I mean, even the damn president made a video and email blasted all of us with it.

Take galan’s advice! I know there are places where you can get them expedited. When I was 16, I remember getting mine within a week. Anyway, you still have time to look for it too.

checking my passport/tix as soon as I get home…

I got a new one last year and it took a week for me to get. Passport office even sent it to me by courier. If you call them and explain the circumstances they should be able to accomodate you and issue you a new one ASAP.

I’ve locked my passport away in case my house gets broken into and my passport stolen prior to the exam. A stupid policy, a bit excessive. They should have a tiny bit of leniency for extreme circumstances, such as a passport getting lost or stolen if you can prove it. I shouldn’t need to worry about the off chance of my passport getting stolen but I am.

I live in Kuwait btw, thanks for trying to help guys! <3

How the heck have people still not done this already.