Passport number correction deadline over


Today I checked and found that my passport number had one digit wrong in exam admission ticket wrong. So I have just now submitted the required form. The institute says it may take 2 weeks for updatation whereas in the deadline section it was mentioned such thing should be reported 3 weeks prior to exam date. It also mentioned that in case of late submission it may be updated but it cant be guaranteed. When I called them they again said the same mentioning it depends on the number of request CFA institute receives.

As I submitted its just one week prior to exam date. I am worried like hell as I need to give this exam badly. Also the money spent is huge. Does anybody have past experiences on such cases?

I heard of this happening once, someone had a passport error like a few days before and he contacted cfa, he might have tried calling too and got it fixed before the exam. Not sure if it will work since every case is different but i would try locating a phone number and talking to someone at cfa.

I had to update my passport a month ago and they had the info updated on the website within a few hours of my email.

This test happens once a year (twice in your case) - why someone would wait until 8 days out to get organized is really beyond me.

Albeit pretty irresponsible to just now be taking care of this stuff… you should be fine. Last year at my exam center when I sat for Level 1, some girl was on the phone with CFAI doing a name change request at 8:00 a.m. I assume they fixed it for her since I saw her coming back for the afternoon session. Good luck

This happened to a friend of mine last year. I think he found it out on Tuesday before the exam on Saturday. CFAI fixed it within a day or two. I think they get hammered with these types of requests and they won’t promise you that they’ll be able to fix it, but I think you’ll be fine.

You will be fine, the Institute will fix it before exam day.

Well they fixed it on that dat itself.

Relief :slight_smile:

Well they fixed it on that day itself .

Relief :slight_smile:

CFAI really makes a great effort to fix these things fast by hiring a lot of last minute people

you should be fine