Passport requirement

I would like to make sure that I’ve read the policy correctly. I am a permanent resident of U.S. with valid driver’s license. Do I still need to have a passport to take CFA level 2 in June 2011? Thanks in advance!

yes, you need a passport

the way i understood it was if you signed up for level 2 before Jan 1, you could use your drivers license. But if you register after, then you have to use a passport.

If someone is taking level 1 in December 2010, can she register for level 2 before the passing result?

Is it just me or is this passport requirement the most pointless thing ever?

@cloud…cant register for level 2 until a day or two after you get the level 1 result

To clarify the timing of signing up vs. taking the test, per an inquiry back in July to CFAI: “Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for contacting us regarding the ID policy. To clarify for you, if you sign up for your June 2011 exam before 1 January 2011, then you will still be under the current id policy. If you sign up for the June 2011 exam after 1 January 2011 you will fall under the new ID policy and will need to have an international passport. I hope that this information helps. Please contact us again if you have any further questions or requests.”

One of the Level 1 proctors said that even they will need a Passport to be a proctor in 2011. That is crazy…

The reason they need these passport requirements I will wager is because there is a lot of cheating being done in places like South Asia where drivers licenses frequently have no photographs and are not suitable. Pretty soon I bet they will also have retnal/palm scans like the GMAT.

^^ I think that’ll be less likely in the near future; those machines are rather difficult to operate and administer on a world-wide basis from what I hear, and even though it’s important to be rigorous in checking up on people’s identitities it has its obvious drawbacks: One organization here stopped giving GMAT tests because of the constant hassle - and at the time that was like the only organization offering those tests in this country. If this were to be a requirement people would probably have to fly over to London (or Frankfurt).