Past CFA Exams

Hello, I cannot find the past CFA L3 exams on the CFA website for some damn reason. If anyone could point me towards these I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is dwaltony (at) if sending them is easier. Thank you!!!

cfai - candidate resources

they are not there anymore… you had to submit a 500 word essay to CFAI on why they are the all time greatest rulers in the world before they would give you the exams…

and if it was less than 500 words, they were just rejecting the applications.

You can come meet me as I have a hard copy. Just email me so we can decide where to meet: testsarerollup_inmybum@comegetit DOT com sorry I couldn’t resist

Candidate resources, mock exams, genius.

Have to be logged though, I believe.

funny… I would say though, in his defense, the CFA’s website really blows.