Past CFA Exams

I recently had lunch with a mentor who is a CFA charterholder. He said that it is possible to get complete copies of past CFA exams as recent as the previous years exam. I doubt this, but figured I would inquire. Has anybody else heard this? He also mentioned that 30 years ago when he was a candidate, the exams, at all levels, were comprised solely of eassy questions. That sucks. Seems like todays level one candidates have it easy compared to our predecessors.

The exams are harder what they used to be…

Here’s the link for 2005-2007 essay questions Search this forum for past years’ complete exams. Some dude has the complete exams and answers for 2000-2006 available for free download. The link is one of the AF posts. BTW: Essays don’t necessarily make for a harder exam.

I have the .zip file that I downloaded from the link someone posted on this forum awhile back. If you can’t find it, post your email and I’ll be happy to send it your way.

young_prof, could you please send me that .zip? email: day_for_night2 at hotmail dot com

Id like the Zip also. Thanks in advance

That zip would be great Young_Prof. sniperboy2 at hotmail dot come Thanks a lot.

Argh, I can see where this is going. I sent the file to jeff_s and mywitispriceless, but will not be available to send it to others. Jeff_S and mywitispriceless, would you mind forwarding this file to all others who request it? Thanks.

Could you please send it to me also:

Could you please send it to me too,

If someone could send me the file also, it would be greatly appreciated:

Hey guys If you can email me the exam papers it will be highly regarded… my email Cheers

I’ll understand if you don’t want to send the files to everyone (me included), but if you’re feeling generous, my email is kearnesaurus at

Please send it to me - prashanth_bhat at

please see me too thanks

I would really be grateful if someone could it to me as well. My email : Thank you

Is it possible to get Past Exams for Level 1 as well.Does anybody know the link?Please help.

If anyone would kindly send the link or zip to me I’d be happy to share it with anyone else who wanted it. Thanks. sniperboy2 at hotmail dot com

please send it to me as well