Past exam (prior to 2013)

Can anyone please give me a link of past exam (prior to 2013). Cfa website has removed exams prior to 2013

I used this site.

JK. but seriously if you google it i think you can find any of them:

Thanks sdooley

sometimes it is helpful to just have someone give you a link that they know works. If you haven’t noticed, there are many false claims made on links that google finds. Many of which dont work or are useless.

We are all under alot of stress and preasuure right now. I provided a link that I know works.

I just hate these wast of space “use google, durrrr” comments…

No problem. While those only go back to 2010, I have read that exams prior to 2013 where alot easier and different exam writers. Maybe someone else can comment who has worked these older exams?

I am not going to waste my time doing timed exams with the older ones (2012, 2011 and 2010), I will just work the problems that are still applicable to todays test. Thats my plan atleast.