Past exam questions (2001, 2002, 2003)

There are past exam questions from level I on line from 2001, 2002, and 2003 prior to CFAI’s name change. I know that ethics has changed and therefore the questions are outdated. However, has anyone used the other questions to study?

I found a 2003 AIMR CFA sample exam online and found it to be very easy compared to the 2003 sample exams on the CFAI website.

where are those exams?

The only one I’ve found is here: I’ve heard there are others but I haven’t seen them.

They are all on the internet. I will find them and post the source.

Sample Examination for 1998 Candidates Sample Examination for 1999 Candidates Sample Examination for 2000 Candidates Sample Examination for 2001 Candidates Sample Examination for 2002 Candidates Sample Examination for 2003 Candidates

Are these exams useful for the December 2008 Level I? It seems as if the concepts are all very similiar, save for ethics. Thanks!

I have not started doing problems yet. Maybe someone else could answer that question. However, ethics has definitely changed. So, I would skip the ethic questions.

Not only ethics. The topics tested have changed too. Some migrated to L2, some new have been introduced to L1.