Past exam questions to avoid?

I see on the CFA website they say: “Actual past exams are rarely a good resource for exam preparation. Current candidates should remember that: * The curriculum has changed * Exam style and formatting convention improvements have been made * Accounting rules and the financial environment have changed” Are there any old exam questions that you know of that test material that is no longer in the curriculum or where the exam style or focus would not make studying the question relevant? Also, how valuable would it be to go through the Schweser practice exams vs reviewing blue boxes, CFAI EOC questions, past CFAI exams, and the sample and mock exams?


anything before 2007

So all 2007 questions forward are 100% applicable and there are no curriculum or other changes, but there isn’t a single question from 2006 or before that would be worthwhile to review?

You just have to use your judgement. I still think the stuff pre 2007 is good practice. I went back to 2002 cfa am. You just have to be able to discern what isn’t needed. Some obvious ones like Quant Time series can easily be ignored. Questions on Behavioral stuff like Snake-bite are used in different terms for 2010 curriculum. I never kept track of what wasn’t applicable because it would be just a waste of time.

That is correct Bradley… Honestly, if you read 2009 exam and it isnt in an LOS, you probably shouldnt be worried about it. Do this for any practice problem you look at. If you want to look at the 1995 exam, make sure it is still applicable in an LOS, then study it.

Pre 2007 CFAI IPS exam questions are still relevant and very useful to practice on

just look at the LOS’s on the guideline answers. if it’s something you’ve never heard of, it’s not applicable.