past exams 2002 and before

In 2002 exam, there was a question where willingness is high but the ability is avg. The overall risk tolerance is stated to be above average? Ihave always been told by stalla inst that it is the lesser of the two…any thoughts? also there was a problem in some kind of attribution analysis involving risk, selectivity etc using CAPM. Is it relevant still? I did not review the personal IPS problems in the years before 2002. Is it all relevant? Is there any one particular problem that you guys would suggest that I do. I am just planning to review all the 6 volumes of CFA text book in the next 2 days since I need to revise them or else I will forget key points… so would appreciate if you guys think any particular problem is worth solving in the years 2000-2002. thanks.

has anyone done the exams form 2000-2002 and has a opinion?

the consensus is that CFAI definition has changed over time and hence those questions/answers may not be currently used definitions. No, selectivity, etc. are no longer in the LOS. It may be a good idea to simply go through the older papers, however the caveat is that they may not be relevant as of today. IPS is probably worth looking from previous years. Also, any incorrect/correct kind of questions and calculations as long as you can determine if they are still valid.

thanks for taking time. I know precious it is now…