Past exams

I have been trying to find the CFAI past exams. However, they seem to be no longer available, except for 2014 and 2012 exams. Does anyone here still have them?

Yeah I have more. Write your email down here (or via PM) and I’lll send you them.

CFAI should be loading the past 3 years, including last year, onto the website soon.

Of morning questions only.


Can you please send the past exams at

Do you recommend going for any videos like IFT or go study etc? Did you use CFAI books or KS?



Hi - I would greatly appreciate it you would send the past exams to me as well - Thanks in advance! Eric

Hi, I would also appreciate does past exams.



I would greatly appreciate it if you could send the past exams to me as well -

Thanks in advance!



I would greatly appreciate it if you could send the past exams to -

Thank you very much.



Would you mind sending them to me as well?

Thank you

Send em my way!

Has CFA Institute uploaded the June 2017 Level III AM exam on its website?

I am looking for the 2017 Level III AM exam as well…it looks like 2014, 2015, and 2016 are all posted but no 2017 as of yet.

They usually post the current year’s exam sometime in December.

Seems like CFAI is moving to a new platform for topic tests and mock exams. Which webpage are you downloading the prior exams from?

You will find it here (login required)

Thank you!

I found old exams back to 2006. Goggle them. Was on a sketchy Chinese website but they downloaded and were accurate. Worth every minute. There is also a website which tells you which questions are no longer relevant.

In June 2018 I will have my first L3 attempt, so I can’t reflect yet. I plan to primarily read KS books but complement with CFAI EOC questions. Furthermore I’ve signed up for Mark Meldrums videos, which was recommended to me by a colleague.

@all: I didnt check this topic for a while and had only responded to PMs. I have sent the previous exam questions to all email adresses posted above without checking if I also received an email from the same person. Worst case scenario: some of you will have received the questions twice (or found them somewhere else, since I took some time to respond). :wink: If anyone reads this and would like the exams too; please be sure to PM me instead of replying here to be sure to have my attention.