Past experience w/ Schweser 3-day seminars?

I used Schweser video CDs to study for Level 2 and found them marginally helpful at best (too easy to get distracted) and am considering the 3 day course offered as part of the premium pack. For those who took live seminars in the past, how did you find the quality of the experience and usefulness of taking it so close to test time? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I attended the 3-day intense review seminar for LI, LII and LIII, I liked them. It is a good way to bring everything together. I found them to be a very good way for me to refresh all the concept few weeks before the exam.

Thanks, that’s helpful.

I attended for L2 and found it very helpful as well. I will be returning for L3.

I found helpful as well. If you prepared beforehand you can ask a lot of detailed questions (during or after class) and other people there tend to ask some pretty good questions. I only did the 3 day seminar for L1 and did the video cds for L2. the seminar was a hands down winner.