past papers

are u guys doing the entire paper or just the IPS ? … i was thinking of doing full paper till 2005 and then doing just the IPS for 2004 and before… anyone who has done them and has some insights

2000 just IPS. 2001 more than half the exam… found more IPS related overall… 2002-2007 Not yet…

Do all of them, helps retention.

did all, doesnt hurt to overdo it … but I thought 2000 was already getting more irrelevant. of course, skipped quant stuff or other where LOS changed.

i guess u r right… good to get as much practice as you can… but doesn’t it take way too much time to write it all out? … i’m struggling with major time issues here (as i’m sure most ppl here are)… but then multi tasking was never my forte

Don’t get lazy, take them, writen in a readable fashionl; it serves a good indication how you will manage time on the exam day.

i write down only bullet points - that is more realistic of what I can do on the exam and take more time thinking through- then compare. (tried to do it all in my head, but noticed I was exhibiting MOST behavioural biases - not a good way to go before the exam). i agree, it is hard (and unrealistic) to put it all down and that there are so many other things we have to take care of other than do those past tests, but they are all of our morning session!!!

IPS only for 2000-2004. All exam 2005-2007

Where can the pre 2005 exams be found?