Past PM papers

I know this has been repititive and I am able to find past AM papers and guideline answers online. Where can I get the PM papers for practice? Can someone send a link please?

Sorry, I couldn’t find previous thread as it’s moving fast these days.

You cannot.

CFA Institute doesn’t publish its multiple choice questions.

So how does everyone say that they solved 2013, 2012 etc PM papers and scored x%? They must be getting it from somewhere…isn’t it?

I hear rumour of a mysterious website that allows the user to search across billions of webpages to find information. I wouldn’t normally share with you the secret of this website, but level III candidates need to stick together…

Institue has two item sets which should be good for practice though.


Its been pointed out by other individuals, but there seems to be this unspoken abiguous allusion to easily accessible previous years’ practice item set questions (ie PM session / multiple choice). I cant tell if people are confusing AM essays with PM item sets or they actually are availble online or if this is just a huge troll and I’m just losing my mind. Most likely the latter.

They don’t have past PM exams but they do have past PM mocks I believe. Does anyone have past mocks that they are willing to share?

Yes I realize Google exists (this seems to be the common response). I have not been able to find these on Google.

Would be much appreciated.