Path of study

Hello everyone;

I will take the exam on June and have a solid knowlegde in the field.(I already have one master in finance and doing the second one in risk management).I am planning to start studying after the holidays.Which path do you guys think I should follow?I mean which book I have to study first for instance?How many questions I need to solve right after studying the chapter?

Your comments will strongly be aprreciated.

Merry Xmas everybody!

Thank you for your reply.I only ordered Wiley Study Notes and I have no idea how many questions are at the end of each chapter?Do you suggest to buy any additional book to practice?

  • Schweser QBank is great for repetition for Level 1 (not so much for Level 2 IMO because of the vignette style). Schweser used to sell it as a stand-alone product in 2014 when I purchased it but now I think you may need to buy it as part of a package ($$$)

  • I agree with Wekko that you should target the most interesting topic first.

  • Do Ethics last but don’t understimate the difficulty of it (granted, this conflicts with my previous point of advice if I’m wrong in assuming Ethics is not the topic you find most interesting).

  • Say goodbye to fun and don’t drink on the weekends until after the exam (that may not be applicable depending on your social life).

Good Luck!

Schweser sell it online version right now and demand $300 for it.They are crazy!.It makes sense to me as well going with the most interesting topic at first and so on.

I like going out and drink on weekends after work.I guess you mentioned I would feel sluggish the next day if I drink at night.I can balance that.

Thank you for your wishes!