Have worked in Alts (1 year), FI for the past 3 years, and now looking at a corp fin. analyst role (110k) total comp.

Seems decent but I am awaiting LII results and I wonder if going into corporate will pigeon hole me if I was to want to go to an AM/Family Office/Fund later on IF I can get my charter. Keep looking or Keep interviewing?

It will probably create a barrier, but could depend on the specifics of the role nad company. As a rule of thumb always be disciplined about taking jobs that in some way have some tangible benefit towards your long term goal.

This is what I am having as a gut feeling. At this point, I am treating it as interview warm up since I just starting looking and if I make it to where they want to fly me down for an in person then I get to also check out the area some hopefully as well. If I learn more through the process and it seems like it may benefit me to take it if offered, I might.

Sounds good, just don’t feel pressured if you get the offer. It’s hard to say no when the offer is out there and they’re giving you the sales pitch and acting like your friends, you gotta block that out because they’re not.

I thought this thread would be about the commuting train between Hoboken and downtown NY, as I am very enthusiastic about rail transport. Therefore, I was disappointed to read its actual contents.

Why is corp fin. bad for AM/family office?