Paulson and Bernanke appear before senate,%20height=470,%20status&no,%20toolbar=no,%20menubar&no,%20location=no,%20resizable&yes’);%20void(0); Hope everyone is watching this… Interesting discussion but Paulson seems to be deviated from direct questions…the questions raised by senators are very reasonable but the answers from Mr. Paulson are not very targeted…though Mr. Bernanke is very clear in his thoughts… The idea for funding in traches was interesting!!! Comments?

Some good ideas coming up… This is one of the best discussions I have ever heard off…though I haven’t heard many… Comments?

Yep, very interesting discussion! I like the talk now about the “excessively complex instruments”. I’ve been saying these CDOs are goofy for years and people love to defend these absurd finance frankenstein inventions “the asset class is not good or bad it just offers a specific risk/reward trade off and it is all about understanding and how you use it bla bla bla”. Oh shut up!

LMAO this senator from Kentucky asking questions of Paulson is an idiot!!!

I totally agree…that was too personal and out of the blue… Did you hear him tell “I don’t need comments from audience, I know what to ask”… How he expects the CEOs of IBs to work towards enacting regulations as well…!!!

“No Cash for Trash” poster behind Bernacke… is that you Joey holding that up?

Excellent answer by Paulson and Bernanke regarding funding Foreign Institutions…

Paulson sounds like clint eastwood

I briefly saw some discussion during lunch time. Why not 150B now and reassess the need in January? Paulson had no convincing reply to that. I guess the real reason is that leaves lesser room for misappropriation.

“If this were a venture board and you were coming to us with this ‘concept’ asking for money we’d tell ya to come back when you have some meat on the bones!!!” Nice one.

I mentioned the same idea above, two or three very convincing ideas are coming up… I believe the answer to that option for funding in tranches was that they are not sure whether they will get that money again in January, there will be a new government and there might be other changes which might not work in January. Also, Bernanke and Paulson want to have all the power now so that they can assure everyone…and also hold it like power, an instrument which they might not use to the fullest…

It would have been so much better if the questions included personal attacks on these two twerps: You two gentlemen have been wrong about the Housing crisis, missed the leverage problem, and understated the derivative issue. Recall the overuse of the word “Contained.” Indeed, you two have been wrong about nearly everything financially related since this crisis began years ago. Question: Why should we trust your judgment on the largest bailout in American history? many more here: