paulson doctrine{DF9F92B9-5941-44D0-80E4-F9721C59D838} "Like with the infamous Bush Doctrine before it, there are several ways to describe what is emerging as the Paulson Doctrine for rescuing the global financial industry, which is good news for Sarah Palin. “Pre-emptive favoritism” could be one way to describe it, if you work or used to work at Lehman. “Chavez-like socialism” was another popular theme on the MarketWatch Community boards on Wednesday. But the best description is probably “Rizzuto Hinduism,” or in layman’s terms, the Holy Cow test, made famous by ex-Yankee player and broadcaster Phil Rizzuto. In other words, if the impending collapse of a financial institution makes Wall Street issue a collective “Holy Cow” or something similar, from its squawk boxes, than Paulson has to bail the poor firm out. "