paulson getting grilled

looks tired

He probably has been averaging 3 hours of sleep a night for the last month.

I bet he wishes he never left goldman. talk about a tough job.

Yeah, he took a serious serious pay cut to switch. $270K or $300K a year salary now? JP Morgan or one of the financial leaders of the prior century said that one must give back to its country after reaching success in the financial world, but Paulson is really getting slammed. Is he going to quit? I hope he sticks around…

He’ll have a nice book advance offer at least. I’d definitely read his book. Lehman, AIG, Merrill, and WaMu have really taken the spotlight. Any other day and CNBC would be non-stop about sub $100 oil.

this has got to be a record breaking day. huge news all over the place.

S&P 1,205 DJIA 11,008. I’m not a technical guy but if we go through 1,200 and 11,000 there is no telling where we’ll be headed.

Gecco Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I bet he wishes he never left goldman. talk about > a tough job. I feel comfortable that he is there instead of some non-market croony hack.

Paulson was on Meet the Press during the Olympics and said that he wasn’t interested in staying on. I personally am very glad he is there. He inherited many problems but I can’t think of anyone that I think would do a better job. Snow? O’Neill? No thanks.

I feel awful for Paulson, I still have a hard time understanding why the heck he decide to take the job in government. He would look like an hero/leader if he stayed in GS.