PCP Investigation and Petition

Is that you MissCleo?

No just someone who thinks the CFA’s ridiculously antedliuvian methods, and obfuscations of the american justice system could use a bit of updating.

I’m not sure I agree with moving to a computerised exam, but I can only imagine the horror of being accused and found guilty of something I didn’t do, just because some proctor was being overzealous or mistook something for something else.

If you’re innocent and this is where you have ended up, then I truly feel for you.

Fight or flight. Choice is yours.

what happened ?

I would say that I’m a little more frustrated with the obfuscations than the antedliuvian methods. But that’s just me.

It’s still under review so I won’t disclose, but I probably won’t anyway since the moderators of this board regularly give up members names to the CFAI.

From this PCP review, are you hoping for a decision that might ultimately come out in your favor?


Since you don’t want to disclose details…i understand.

I suspect that they will need multiple proctors to both see something funny going on…so I’m sure you’ll be fine.

When you left the testing area…did you know at that time that there was a potential issue? Or did this PCP notice totally catch you off guard?

I like the video taped room idea. If they can have devices that can detect the use of cell phones or electronic devices in the room (or so they claim to have them), I think it is reasonable to ask they record the exam. I think they should still have the proctors, but recording it will help with any appeal processes or validate the proctor’s claims.

Also, sorry about your situation OP. I haven’t had any PCP issues yet, but I am always paranoid. Especially this year when I finished the PM in less than 1.5 hours and was forced to stay until the end of the exam. Just had to keep looking up at the roof and also redo the exam a couple times.

^^ I don’t think they claim to have “devices” that detect electronic devices… I think they mean that the proctors are “monitoring” for them

As for the length of the ban, I disagree. If truly found in violation, the ban should be as long as CFAI deems it necessary because I think in light of the financial crisis, pyramid schemes, Enrons and Bernie M’s of the world, financial professionals / accountants get a bad reputation in general from a few bad apples. I like the fact that CFAI takes ethics seriously and makes consequences severe.

You do realize you could inisider trade for millions, or run someone over in you car and still get a less harsh sentence don’t you?

Those sentences are too light.

Just to be clear: you’re attempting to equate being prevented from taking an exam to being incarcerated?

When I took the FRM part 1 in November last year it was similar in set up to the CFA exams…no video taping, and certainly not a computer based test. Just FYI.

CFAI will not go to computer-based exam for another century or two, or until handwriting is no longer taught in schools, so don’t hold your breath.

They can’t even format the exam so questions/answers are opposite each other.

You know, it’s all about making the Chart more exclusive…!