PCP Investigation - looking a other candidates paper


I am being investigated by PCP on charges of being looking at next candidate paper. I am innocent and would not even dream of committing such action.

They noticed this only one time in morning session and the proctor didn’t inform me.

I have send my reply to PCP investigator. Declining their charges.

I am getting bit nervous. As after putting 3 years of sacrifice, handwork and dedication today when you are one step away from achieving your goal, you get letter from CFA that you are being investigated.

Dear friends it would be highly appreciated if someone tell me

… what is the outcome of investigation similar to my case in past…

… how much time does it take to complete investigation.

… if investigation goes against me then whether i would be able to appeal and what are the chances of success.


They don’t have to inform you, but from what I read on this forum they will void your exam marks for this year.

I haven’t taken Level 3, but it seems cheating on it would be difficult due to it being handwritten.

Hi frankz888

Thats why i want to contest my case till end… when you have not done anything wrong then why i should be worried…

My only concern is to how PCP investigates its case… whether they will share all the finding of investigation with me… you see proving that i have not copied would be easy as they can compare my answer with other candidates answers… but what about intention which is subjective its very tough to prove … i have devoted more then 3 years of my life into CFA programm…without hard work and dedication you cannot clear Level 1 and level 2 exams…

Please guide me … as the days are passing its becoming very tough… i am trying to maintain my composer … but mind goes into ingeative thinking…

I think what they do is compare your answers with all the people sitting around you. If it’s statistically proven that you could have copied answers from someone else or vice versa, you’re SOL. At that point you’re guilty until proven innocent.

Thanks bpdulog

As level 3 morning session is written test then its very highly unlikely that my answer sheet will match with other candidate … in words, sentence and approch…

Could anyone update on their past expirence !!!

what is your fuc*** result ?

Two year bump? These people are gone from AF.

^ LOL. True.

Looks like the guy’s investigation mustve found him guilty. Still a LIII candidate

Case 1: Guy is innocent, proctors are retarded.

Case 2: Guy really did try to cheat on the morning session. That is stupid. Beyond stupid. Forget the part about why you would jeopardize all the work you had put in, not just in level 1,2 but for studying level 3. I would imagine its pretty difficult to copy essay answers, especially since you need it in its entirety and you need to be able to read the handwriting from a distance. Also, they have to be on the same question as you. Even if you are able to overcome these hurdles, the person next to you had about 46% chance of failing. Risk/reward doesn’t seem to add up. He is stupid, so CFAI should pardon him, kind of like how they treat insane people’s crimes.

Thus, the guy is innocent.

or maybe he just didn’t update his AF tag