PCP Investigation - looking at other candidates paper


I am being investigated by PCP on charges of being looking at next candidate paper. I am innocent and would not even dream of committing such action.

They noticed this only one time in morning session and the proctor didn’t inform me.

I have send my reply to PCP investigator. Declining their charges.

I am getting bit nervous. As after putting 3 years of sacrifice, handwork and dedication today when you are one step away from achieving your goal, you get letter from CFA that you are being investigated.

Dear friends it would be highly appreciated if someone tell me

… what is the outcome of investigation similar to my case in past…

… how much time does it take to complete investigation.

… if investigation goes against me then whether i would be able to appeal and what are the chances of success.


I don’t get it… Did you receive your results of L3? L2? What is your exact status???

No my result of L3 is withheld… till the time investigation is over…

I’ve heard others that have been under investigation for this same offense were able to get cleared by proving how prepared they were: showing them receipts for Schweser material, Q-bank results, receipts for bootcamps or weekly/online classes, etc.

good luck.

Thanks for your note… i have only replied to PCP that i am innocent…

I would echo Ramsey’s comments. If you can prove that you put in the time and studied hard, then I would think you would be ok. I have heard of this happening before.

looking at next candidate paper should be verifiable with answer

Thank you all for your reply…

In my case there are two points which needs to be addressed i.e. whether I have copied or not and whether I have tried to copy or not…

In first case i.e whether copied are not, this can be verified by comparing my answer with other candidates answer sheet… (I am lucky in this case that proctor has reported about morning session which is written test… hence its very unlikely that my answer would be similar to that of other candidate).

Now the question is of Intention… which is subjective… hence very tough for me to prove my innocence… untill they have video recording … which will clearly show that i have not done anything wrong…

I have already written about my character and professional background…

Thanks & Regards