PCP Investigation? WTH??

I am a level III candidate. I can’t believe I received the PCP investigation mail after vacation for the July 4th. 2 procters said I glanced at the answer sheet of a candidate on my left, which is false of course.

One procter seems to be sure but he only dares to take “fidgeting and looking around” as the major accusation.

The more ridiculous thing is: the first procter told the other procter about his/her suspicion and the 2nd then started to believe I WAS looking at the other candidate’s answer sheet. And he/she even accused me of “looking at procters”!!! WTH?? The procters always stood in the front and that’s where the clock is!!! Do they really think they are that attractive???

They even pointed out the distance between me and the other candidate: 3 feet!!! I have myopia and there is no way I can see those little bubbles that far EVEN WITH my glasses/contact. If I were to cheat, I would choose the one sharing the same table with me on my right because his elbow kept hitting mine all the times!!!

This is completely BS, I guess that’s why no one dare to approach me during the exam. I finished the PM session very early because everybody knows it’s much easier than the AM session. The only thing I remember is I did look at the clock for a few times and move my neck because it gets sour after sitting in the same position for 6 fxking hours. People started to leave and I looked at them because their steps were all around me. THAT‘S IT! I don’t know how the procters translate those activities to be “peeking at another candidate’s answer sheet”.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don’t know what more to write to CFAI because I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! Research on CFAI website does not relive me. Seems like all candidates they accused are found guilty because THEY CAN DEFINE “APPREANCE OF GLANCING” HOWEVER THEY LIKE! I swear to GOD I will fight or even give up CFA at all. The institute claims its objectivity ALL THE TIMES but they can be the judge and prosecutor? That is xxxxing nonsense!!!


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this is barbaric

one thing i hate about cfa

Well, you can always ask them to compare your answers to the person next to you? From what I gather, L3’s essay type section should be impossible to clone unless you were indeed copying verbatim from the neighbor or vice versa.

Not sure what people at L1/L2 would do coz they only got bubbles to defend.

What Aether said, you can ask them to match your answer sheet, which I think they should do anyway. And you shouldn’t say " People started to leave and I looked at them because their steps were all around me", any statement suggesting that you looked up from your sheet (except for may be a glance at the clock to check time) will be taken as admission as guilt. You need to be very careful with your words, don’t leave any room for misinterpretation. Good luck man. It sucks going through this at Level 3.

The standard for a PCP allegation under the definition of “appearance of cheating” is shockingly vague from the reports here on AF. I would challenge the inconsistency of the proctor’s allegations, sounds like they were on a witch hunt.

Cant it be challenged in supreme court

I had a similar experience last year. It’s a kick in the gut.

The process is for the CFAI to investigate the allegation, and if they believe there’s sufficient basis to move ahead, they call for a hearing. From the statistics on the PCP site, if they bring your case to a hearing, your chances are slim.

Your best opportunity, then, is how you respond to their letter now. I suggest that you take a respectful and professional tone: From the CFAI’s point of view, they have reports from the proctors telling them something is up, so they have a duty to investigate. Remember, you are responding to the CFAI, not the proctors.

If one proctor is suspicious, then they ask the other one to observe you. This makes sense for them to do, no?

So what do you say in your response? Give them what ever factual evidence you can. If your vision is poor–your corrected vision if you had your glasses on–tell them that and give them your prescription. If the proctor’s comments are inconsistent or don’t amke sense, point that out. If you’ve done a great job preparing for the test, send them evidence supporting that.

You should expect the process to take a long time. In my case, they didn’t call for a hearing, but they didn’t drop the matter until October. Don’t expect resolution by the time the Level III results come out.

That’s about all you can do. Good luck!

A friend and former colleague of mine was hit with the same investigation from CFAI. Accused of ‘glancing’. He told me it was total BS and responded to the investigation. Went so far as to get a doctor’s note attesting to the fact that his eyesight prevents him from possibly being able to copy from someone at a certain distance.

I don’t know what the result was. Feel uncomfortable asking him about it…

But let’s just say that I haven’t seen him at the last two exams…so I figure he dropped out of the program.

Feel really bad for the guy…and for the OP to this thread. :frowning: