PCP investigation?!?!?!

hi guys,

So, I dont think that I have a real reason to worry, and CFAI hasnt said anything to me, nor did any of the proctors…but…

When i was in the bathroom at a urinal minding my own business, some guy came up to the sink about 10 feet away from me and this was our exchange:

guy: whats this test and sh%t? me: the CFA exam guy: is it hard? me: yea, brutal

that was IT. that was the extent of our conversation. he wasn’t even a test taker, he was a maintenance guy/janitor type. (he was wearing tons of keys and had a mop). There was a proctor stationed outside the bathroom, and definitely heard that words were being exchanged, but if he did, he could definitely hear that the words had nothing to do with the exam. he also likely saw the janitor enter the bathroom, and knew that it was HIM that initiated the conversation. (it was him)

I know the response to this post will be “dude why even respond to him, just keep your eyes front, dont risk opening your mouth” but im not the type of person to just ignore another human being when they speak to me. thats jut not how i operate as an individual. especially when its not even another test taker its some janitor guy.

At the end of the day, I dont think im in trouble, but I what do you guys think will happen? And again, no proctor went up to me or anything like that.

Yeah that was their plant to catch unsuspecting candidates.

seems like youre telling me what i want to hear. which is im freaking myself out…

again, i have a hard time believing im in trouble. they just cant be that anal. but idk…

This is exactly how they catch candidates. The janitor was actually one of the board members.

My friend had the same experience last year, you’re screwed buddy sorry to say it

you’re paranoid.

If the proctor didn’t ask for your ticket, you are fine. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. I know how much anxiety can arise from worrying you will be flagged for a violation!

What? Why would this be an issue? He obviously took a picture of your dick with his Snap camera eyeglasses, but that’s about it.

hahahahahhahaha X-D too funny

A proctor will never approach you even if you violated the testing rules. I don’t think anybody who got a PCP investigation was first approached by any proctor. They just follow you or try to identify you by your section and seat number and then initiate a report.

Doesn’t look like you violated the rule here. Talking to another candidate during the exam is a violation even with the above content. But he is just a janitor right? so I think you should be fine.

@Ohai hahahahahhaha …

Tommy you’re fine man. Don’t overthink it. Theres nothing in the Code of Conduct thats says you cant answer a janitor asking you which test you’re taking. At the end of the day you didnt cheat and the truth always comes out.

this is what i thought when i read your topic.


You are so fucked, kiddo.

There’s a guy the CFAI sends out dressed as a plumber as well. He carries a rusty hacksaw.

I’ve heard about CFAI planting undercover procs as plumbers/maintenance in the bathroom … all depends on if he got your candidate # from the lead proc and made a report… usually letters go out by end of June… could protest on basis of entrapment…

Yep and there are cameras in toilets as well, one above the bowl.

I have a feeling I am getting trolled and I have nothing to worry about. at least thats what I hope.

I also got the Candidate survey from the CFAI today, so I think if i were to get PCPd, they wouldnt send it to me. I think im ok guys. thanks for your input.


It’s a double-trap TJ, if you are under PCP investigation and respond to the survey and say the test was harder than expected, it is sufficient basis for the need to cheat. If you answer it was easier than expected, you will be accused of a covering-up cheating. If you answer the exam was as expected, you will be accused of both of the above. If you don’t answer at all, “silence gives consent” and you will be guilty Sorry, wish you hadn’t received the survey. :frowning:

If you say it was as hard as you expected, you intended to cheat all along.