PCP Investigations

Here’s my case m being investigated for looking into the paper of the person sitting across …I never looked in any other paper or sheet except my own’s…I might have looked here n there as i was thinking about a particular question or gathering my thoughts but never into ny other copy can i get emaild id’s or contact of people who have faced such cases? Desperately need some advice on how to write the reply mail as it is the only chane that i have…:frowning:

damn what the heck is it with these investigations?!?!?! any retakers know if these happened last year also? seems like a sudden spurt this time :frowning: :frowning:

  1. I frequently look to the side when I’m thinking, it’s a normal human thing to do. Something about your memory being linked to one side of your brain. 2… They could run a regression on the other guys paper pretty easily vs yours and see if there is a statistically significant correlation between you and him controlling for the right answers. That would only be an issue if you were copying his ENTIRE exam though, not just having a peak. I’d politely apologize for creating any doubt in their minds, but assure them that what you did was inadvertent and that you did not cheat. You might explain that you have spent hundreds of hours, valuable resources and money preparing for this exam which is why it would be unthinkable for you, or any serious candidate to consider risking having their results voided for the sake of possibly getting someone else’s potentially incorrect answers for a question or two. Affirm that you believe and respect the ethical standards and will accept their judgement on the issue.

Welcome to the club

@ Fdez here’s my id- zxcfre@rediffmail.com waiting for ur response on the id

Somethings funny; there are already 4 cases here, yet not a single one in the Level 1 or 3 boards. And all the cases are similar, were the rules different for Level 2 candidates ?

were you all at one test centre?

I was in Madrid.

i am level 1 and i got a letter too. what should i do? what have you done guys?

Most likely they will run a test on your incorrect answers. If your wrong answers look very similar to the other guy’s wrong answers… that’s suspicious

even if ones looks at other candiates answers, how would he know that the other candiadate is right or smart enoguh to get the answers right? other candidates answers are as good as guessing.

i offer you the same advice i offered a level I candidate in your shoes… you’re toast.

builders, please stop your silly remarks, they are not helping, can’t you see that?

I’m in the same boat, the PCP told me it would take 1 - 9 months for them to reach a conclusion. So bogus

hi guys i dont know what is happening now and what to do to bring every thing back normal i didn’t receive the email alerting my result level 2 in June or access the online post I asked the CFA representatative and was replied that my account is locked because i have some problem with professional conduct program I guess that during the exam, i wrote the formular at the back of the exam admission ticket. A protor came and collected the ticked. I asked her if there was any serious. They told me to continue doing the test. And i thought a remind was enough and every thing was well. But now it is happening i have emailed the PCP department and got no reply from them I didnt mean to Just because i was extremely nervous to do my test You know, i have no idea to do next. I saw in the CFA website, at least the disciplinary action is voiding the result Have anyone of you experienced like this ? I am now so worried

Any updates on the glancing investigation? I’m having the same problem here. I email the PCP once a month and they keep telling me 1 - 9 months


This is crazy. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to not be able to face your accuser and being forced to prove yourself innocent.

What is the result of Investigation ???

What is the result of Investigation ?? are you still alive ?