PCP Violation

Hi All,

Just sitting in standby, anxiously awaiting results day as I’m sure all of you are. My question is if you were to received a violation, would you have already been notified? I couldn’t find anything on the website and I haven’t seen any posts from anyone suggesting they have been accused. I haven’t done anything worthy of a violation, but I’ve heard plenty of horror stories of people being “wrongly” accused. Just looking to have one less thing to worry about for Tuesday.

Thanks in advance and best of luck to all.

To ensure you read the notice, many times the CFAI will put the PCP violation in the same email as your results. It’s not unheard of to get the email, “Dear nofreelunch, your results for the June CFA Level II exam: PASS. However, you’re under investigation for a PCP violation so please don’t register for Level III until the conclusion of the investigation. Congratulations on passing.”


He’s kidding.

definitely kidding.