pdf of CFA

Is it possible to get pdf’s of the whole CFA official texts once you have enrolled for the exam ? I believe that pdf’s are available for level 1. Thanks

I know you can get the pdfs for some of the readings if you have member privileges at CFAI. Log in under the “Member Resources” section of the CFAI homepage and that will take you to Educational Resources/CFA Refresher Readings.

The pdfs would be very useful indeed. I won’t get my regular membership for another week or so. It would be great to know if those pdfs are there at the CFAI site.

As little_lulu said–many of the readings are in pdf format on CFAI’s website–if you are a member you can log in and view the “refresher readings” for the CFA curriculum

CFAI processed my membership much quicker than anticipated. I paid my due yesterday and managed to get to the “refresher readings” area. However, the materals there covered only 2007 exam. I wonder if and when they will update them to 2008 exam.

Dorian, I’d say that about 97% of the readings are the same as last year. Do a search for a thread that I posted here called “Veteran Seeks Help”. That thread has the listed readings along with the assignment numbers as matched using last year’s material to 2008 LOS. But beware because the CFAI books this year help us out by marking those sections that are optional reading and thus, will not be tested on the exam. I don’t think this is the case for the “membership” readings.

Hi Little_lulu, Thank you very much for the info. It is very helpful.