PE Interview - Last Round

I have a final interview round with a large PE fund. Have gone through 3 rounds till now. Mostly on my background, deals on CV, Valuation, Cases etc. etc. Now i have an interview with the head of the fund. Any pointers what to expect and how to prepare? I have ~2.5 years M&A experience in an EM

Bend over. Just kidding, I have no idea. Good luck!

Email Numi - he will tell you everything you need to know.

thommo77 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Email Numi - he will tell you everything you need > to know. Yeah, its porcupines at gmail. By now everyone on AF-General knows it.

Just thought I would update this. What i naively assumed to be the last round was far from it. Up to 11 interviews and going strong! You gotta love the job market. Cheers

LOL Do you remember what you did for each one? How many candidates is this down to? Last round is the gauntlet. You can die in it.

No clue. I am hoping I am the only one! Everytime I go to meet them I think of and strategize on how I will negotiate the salary. Alas, the day hasnt come yet :slight_smile:

Finally got it! Good bye sell side (I have seen much pain) After 14 rounds of interview with everyone other than the associates in the fund, they finally made me an offer :slight_smile: Lesson learnt - Dont lose hope. Prepare for every interview. Send follow up mails. Be Patient.

Wow, that is insane, 14 interviews?

CONGRATULATIONS!! What a marathon!

wow, and i thought 8 in one day was bad. congrats!!!

Wow congrats & good luck!! Hard work paid off

artvandalay Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Wow, that is insane, 14 interviews? Ya. Started in October - Sent CV. Interviews started in December. Ended Last week of March.

Congrats Bro… How was ur salary negotiation by the way?

Congratulations on the offer – great news! Very tough to find a private equity job in this market.

Congratulations! 14 rounds is indeed a lot. I hope you negotiated well on the salary part.

Oh My God! You’ve gotta be kidding me. 14 interviews? are you for real? anyways, i wouldn’t worry too much if i have 2.5yrs M&A experiences. Congratulations so far and good luck, all the best. hope u get the job. cheers