PE seed capital

anyone have info on typical deal structure for providing seed capital to a business? Numi??

Do you mean capital to seed a PE fund, or a fund which provides seed capital to operating companies? The latter is called “venture capital” and deal structures are as varied as they come.

i guess it would be the latter, basically a friend hitting me up to start an operating company.

You will need, a real product/company or at least a working prototype preferably a business that already generates revenue interest from VC/angel investors pitch book pitch Google online. You should find plenty of info on it. Good luck!

At that state you’re not really looking for VC money, you’re looking for angel money. Basically a few rich guys to throw you a couple hundred grand. Preferred stock at 8-15% deferred with warrants for 1/4 - 1/2 the equity, depending how real the idea is at this point.