Pee Break!

Hey Leverl II’ers, As a Level I’er, I am wondering if we are allowed to go to the washroom during the exam? I don’t wanna be accused of cheating when I am in fact relieving my bladder pressure. Thanks guys!!!

Of course! You will have to raise you hand to get the proctor’s attention, give your test to them and head to the bathroom. Someone will stand right outside the door to make sure there is no cheating going on.

they knock periodically and reach under the stall with their hands and try touch your pants.

awsome! I was hoping they would do that.

the hands are better if you go to the lady’s room…

You don’t work in finance? I thought not having to pee for 10 hours at a time was a prereq for the biz??

just bring a rubber band

You can pee as much as you like

Made me think of this scene from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (start at 1:12) It’ll save time & keeps the proctors away.

Also, it should be noted that use of the ‘widestance’ technique popular in airport restrooms results in immediate condemnation by the candidate’s peers and/or suspension of the candidate’s continued participation in the CFA program.

You can make use of your earplugs to hold it for some time

This thread has ended up in the toilet, for sure.

can’t you wait 3 hrs?