pen for level 1

are we allowed to take pen for level 1? CFA weblink says “Writing instruments (pencils for Levels I and II, pens and pencils for Level III)”

nope and BTW bring at least 3 for reserve.

Sorry if I have not been clear. I meant bring 3 PENCILS. Since I am on that topic (if someone else have not mentioned them earlier) Bring 2-3 layers of clothing. In some centers, the temperature is freezing while it is sweating hot at others, so you can adjust your clothing accordingly. Bring 2 calculators if you can borrow from someone. Bring your regular wristwatch. DO NOT bring stop watch or timers. Some centers have a big clock on the wall, some don’t. If you don’t know where the test room/center is: GO THERE AND SEE IT TODAY. you don’t want to panic by not finding it on test date. Other useful info: They always tell you when it is 30’ min, 15’ min left to complete (and I believe 1 hr left as well). All candidates have to be seated at least 30’ min before test time (practice does vary from place to place), so arrive earlier.

Mechanical pencil is so much better.

no pens for Level I, but be sure to bring your pen 15