Pen for level 3


What brand of pen is good for level 3 ?

Please share your experience .


Anything that you can write faster while retaining legibility. Will defer based upon your preference, but I like a thicker pen that writes smooth. Time should be your primary concern here and how to save it!

Gels suck. Use something small, light weight

Donga-A office pen 0.7MM…

Are we seriously going to this level? What pen to use?

Guys what type of socks do you recommend for level 3?

It’s strongly depending on exam place. It’s very hot in June in mine so the best is take exam with no socks at all, just in flip flop sandals. Whatever, it’s not recommended to come to the exam place with no panties on.

pen15 worked well

Whatever be that ensure that its washed before you enter the hall. Just saying…

2016 - I took a Gel pen and the procter disallowed. I took the exam with a Pencil and h/w was pretty nasty.

2017 - I went in with a fountain ink pen and a Gel pen. Was allowed to use both and I chose the Gel pen.

Bottomline is - take all sorts of writing instruments that you are equally comfortable.

You want a pen that is comfortable for writing for a long period of time and has no chance of being accidentally affected by water so that rules out gel ink pens (as much as I love writing with them) and heat. i.e. frixion pens, where I read in other threads that there’s a chance of the ink vanishing. I found that 0.7mm worked best.

I recommend the Uniball jetstream. They’re relatively cheap (but not too cheap), comfortable, great ink flow and reliable.

Even then I found myself just using a HB 0.7mm mechanical pencil for both the AM and PM.

I’ve been ride or die with the original bic atlantis since high school, true OG pen


Fountain pen. I use them for a while now and love it. Took my chances for the risk of water damage. Tried several ones. Ball points make my handwriting ugly and I actually benefited a few points by easily erasing and rewriting sentences.

If you ain’t prepared there is no pen or pencil which can help you. If you’re well prepared, it’s trivial thing. Chose the one you felt good when you had been using it while practicing. The tool which is good for you might not be the best choice for some another candidate.

I disagree that the decision is trivial. same with socks.

as pens go my handwriting is neatest with a fountain pen, but I am slower than using a gel. some of the notecards I wrote with gel were illegible when reviewing & I had to rewrite them. a fountain pen has more risk of water damage… gel pen wins.

for the exam fixion wins simply because you can let your hand go faster than your brain… it’s more scratchy & tiring to use… but its only for 3 hours & the PM is ok with just a pencil for calcs.

shorts & T-shirt no socks, took a light jacket which I kept done up because the aircon was on max… feet were ok in flipflops

i lookforward to the next 1500posts on the topic…

Side Note: Don’t try this if you are taking the exam in the southern hemisphere.