Pen or Pencil (I'm so confused)

Just Kidding… We are almost there!

reply from my query to CFAI: "Thank you for contacting us. We require our candidates to use a pen with either blue or black ink on the essay portion of the Level III exam. I hope this information is helpful. Please contact us again if you have any further questions or requests. Regards, Pat Watts Client Services Visit our website at Learn more about the CFA Program at Learn more about the CIPM Program at "

i’m using a pen. it has ink and i have written with pens for a long time. i am not going to outsmart anyone at the cfai. i am not going to predict whether the cfai will bake my exam in an oven, wash it with hand soap, or rub their sweaty elbows all over my answers. i am going to follow their rules and write in a pen with blue ink. i will write down responses that are worth > 70 percent of the points possible and i will pass. i will earn the cfa charter, and then resume my un-rewarding career, but at least i will be able to sign my emails, cfa.