Pen or Pencil

Will you be writing the morning paper in pen or pencil? What are the pros and cons for each?

Non-erasable Pen is what i plan to use. But sometimes i have to correct my response and i’m sure that would look ugly.

My nightmare is to circle a response and then decide to change it. Any suggestion on best way to ‘uncircle’ it with :slight_smile:

Uncircling the response would definitely be ugly with a pen. But luckily, they dont use MCQ scanner for the AM, so the examiner will probably be able to distinguish your new circled response, if you clearly indicate your final response.

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when you are talking about non-erasable do you mean ballpoint pens? I was just wondering if these are covered by blue/black ink pens. Since it is not really ink…

Probably this has been answered several times but I was just not able to find the respective thread.

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I bought a Pilot Frixion Ball (erasable pen), it only costs €4. Better than using a regular pen and leaving a mess when removing wrong answers.

Are we permitted to leave a creative mess on paper? I mean to be visible that we were doing something hard…

Re “uncircling” – good point. Could do ticks not circles, then write all justifications, then, right before turning page, circle.

Planning to use a mechanical pencil with HB II lead inside. Not sure why everyone is leaning towards pen. I know some say its a time saver because it disciplines you to scratch out and not waste time on erasing things, but other than that…

just try 3 hours of AM in pencil and another in pen. If pencil doesn’t hurt more/use more crampy muscles to press down, then go for it. For me, dealing with wrist cramps is a distraction, and I know it hurts more with pencil.

Retaker here- I used mechanical pencil last year and it was a good choice.

Had to erase more than expected. I bought the “erasable” pens but they aren’t very good, and don’t make much of a mark on the paper.

I’ll be using mechanical again

I still haven’t decided and it’s bugging me. Something so simple shouldn’t be this complicated. Heh.

I have done all of my CFAI and Schweser AM mocks with mechanical pencil and had no wrist or cramp issues. I feel comfortable with my decision as I have tried it multiple times now. At the end of the day the choice should be a matter of candidate preference. There is no right or wrong answers here lol

I passed CFA Level III last year on first try using pen in AM. Leading up to the exam, at the beginning I used pencil but I realized that it takes longer to erase than put a line through words, so in my last couple of past AM examsI used pen and I saw my time improve. So based on my experience, I would suggest to use pen over pencil. Good luck!!

you can use pencil for morning now??? I have been away from the CFA exam for 7 years and in 2010 (last time and only time I tried Level 3) you could only use pen for morning… lots have changed! it was even 4 MC possible answers back then not 3 on the PM…

Thanks for the input. Curious, what type of pen did you use? I use gel pens at work and love writing with them but I know the Institute recommends ball point pens for whatever reason.

I used a normal blue pen

Pen or nothing!

This should be a no-brainer. Use a pencil. I’ve always laughed when people say that if you use pencil, you’d lose time because you’ll need to erase your answer while if you are using a pen you can quickly cross out the word and move on. FYI - you can also cross out the word using a pencil. It’s not written somewhere that if you use a pencil you HAVE to erase your word and then write. You can simply cross out the word with a pencil too. You won’t go to prison. LOL. And you retain the option of erasing if you need to.

Is this a serious thread?

If it is, then use a pencil (mechanical and/or classic). Bring a couple. Don’t be an idiot.

quit worrying about pen or pencil and do this: