Pencil for exam

Do we have to use 3B pencils, or is HB fine?

I thought the recommendation was 2HB? It’s CFAI site. Basically, you just want a pencil that has dark lead, and hopefully one that is soft enough so you can fill in the circles quickly.

I have an HB pencil that I used for L1. I passed that, don’t know what to do now…

An HB pencil is what you want…I have HB2 and that worked fine for level 1.

CFAI states on it’s list of things to bring to the exam…

  • No. 2 or HB pencils (and pens, for Level III)

I was just going to prick my finger and fill in the circles with blood. No good?

I’d bring a syringe and a couple of O+ blood packs just to be safe.