Pencil on AM Section?

Anyone use a pencil on the AM section? I know you’re allowed to bring a blue or black pen, but I’d like to be able to erase. Can you use a pencil?

Thank You.

You are allowed to use a pencil in the morning session.

I know I’m over thinking this…I heard a Kaplan instructor say use a pen because your pencil might not be as clear/legible. Does he have a valid point or should I just stick to using a pencil?

Use whichever makes you more comfortable.

I used a pencil.

Pencil is fine, but I’d recommend doing a full past AM paper in pencil during your practice first. I did, and ended up with hand fatigue about half way through. I went with a blue gel pen for the exam and it was just fine. Keep in mind also that crossing out a word or sentence is faster than erasing it. Your exam is not graded on cleanliness.

But in the end, S2000magician said it best. Do your practice exams with a few different options and go with what you were most comfortable with.

I recall having read somewhere that gel pen is not allowed/reccommended? What’s the truth?

Also I wonder if I could use multiple pens (to change them along the way - I find it totally unacheivable to write with the same pen for 3 consecutive hours each pen hurts my index finger but at least I could vary them).

Pencil feels most comfortable in my writing hand, and it also provides the flexibility to erase if need be. That being said, CFAI has requested that we use pen, either blue or black. If my response is on the borderline, perhaps the grader will grant full credit to me if it’s written in ink. But why not purple? That’s my inspirational color. That aside I really hope they appreciate the flow of my writing style, as it’s evolved from being strictly narrative to more of a persuasive kind. That should count for something, don’t you agree? And now I have to choose between writing with an uncomfortable pen or a pencil that could smudge. Eek!! There *must* be a better alternative…